C&Gs Flatbeds, Stakebeds, Solid Side, Service, and Achiever Bodies

All C&Gs bodies are manufactured in-house here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Most C&Gs bodies have been field tested for over 20 years in multiple industries.

Each body can be customized to fit your specific needs to ensure that your truck can work for you with no compromises.

Below is our body book that details specifics of each bed with popular options.

C&Gs Standard Platform

Standard Platforms are equipped with:
– 6ft to 24ft platform length up to 102in wide
– Heavy Duty Front Bulkhead
– LED lighting
– Ready to work according to US DOT requirements
– Heavy duty ICC Bumper
– Winch Binders
– Rub Rails and Stake Pockets
– Treadplate flooring

Each Standard Platform can be equipped with gooseneck or bumper towing capabilities, toolboxes, transfer tanks, removable rear crossbar, and/or work lighting. Many other options are available and can be completely customized to your line of work and needs.

This Standard Platform is perfect for trucks that require a strong foundation that will let the truck work for you.

C&Gs Stakebed

Stakebeds begin as the Standard Platform and are equipped with
– Steel or wood removable stake sides ranging from 8” to 60”
– Latching system for each panel
– Gooseneck Hitch (if truck permits)
– Optional equipment is LED work lights, toolboxes, recessed tie downs, liftgates and more.

The Stakebed gives you the versatility of having siding for one load and an open platform for another load.

C&Gs Solid Side

Solid Side Platforms start out as the Standard Platform and are equipped with
– Permanent or removable sides from 12” to 60” or drop sides up to 24”
– 5 ton to 34 ton capacity hoist
– Swing out barn door, drop down, or top hinged swing out tailgate
– 1/8” Smooth plate floor

Many other options are available such as cab shields, tarp systems, heavy duty tarp bows, ladders, and more to customize your work truck.

The solid side platform is perfect for any size work truck that requires a strong foundation that will allow for plenty of room with dump capabilities and will let the truck work for you.

C&Gs Platform Service Body

Platform Service Bodies start out as the Standard Platform and are equipped with
– Toolboxes
– LED work lights
– Gooseneck Hitch (if truck permits)
– Removable Rear Bulkhead

Each Platform Service Body can be equipped with a diesel transfer tank and custom slide out drawers in the toolboxes. Many other options are available and can be completely customized to your line of work and needs.

This Platform Service Body is perfect for medium to heavy duty work trucks that require a strong foundation without loss of deck space and with additional storage & features that will let the truck work for you.

Achiever by C&Gs Body

At this time we would like to introduce you to the newest truck body in our line of truck equipment. The Achiever is specifically designed for the Medium Duty Navistar/GM/International 60” and 84” Cab & Chassis. There are several points we looked at while we designed this body.

1. The lowest deck possible – this allows for reach over access to the bed and hitch.
2. As much storage possible standard.
3. All towing options included standard.
4. Bolt on installation with no modifications to Cab & Chassis.
5. Meets all D.O.T requirements.

Low deck Height: With the design of the Achiever the top of the deck is only 3/8” above the frame giving us one of the lowest decks on the market. This is one point that customers have asked for during our research phase.

Storage Capabilities: Two 24” x 24” x 60” and two 14” x 12” x 30” Buyers toolboxes built in to truck body. This gives 45.84 cubic feet of standard storage on the Model BA-132 Achiever body. By utilizing Buyers toolboxes we have a proven, high quality, tested toolbox that is made in the USA. With the Buyers boxes, it gives the end user a network of nation wide dealers for parts replacements. Note: For 60” c/a Model BA-106 Achiever two 24”x 24” x 30” and two 14” x 12” x 36” boxes means 29 cubic feet of storage.

Towing: Standard 2 1/2” rear receiver hitch with D-Rings and 7-way plug built into rear step bumper. B&W hitch system built into body includes standard 2 5/16” ball. With the B&W system this gives the end user the option to purchase their drop in 5th wheel and other options. The Achiever truly is ready to handle all of your towing needs.

Bolt on Installation: Great detail went into this design to create a true bolt on
installation. No frame cutting or fuel tank modifications required.

New! Achiever Extreme

NEW! Achiever Extreme by C&Gs Body

The Achiever Extreme by C&Gs is next level when it comes to the Achiever by C&Gs line. It begins with the same principle of the Achiever and then customizes to your exact needs. The pictured Achiever Extreme is equipped with the drop deck option with gooseneck towing, a tapered rear for towing space, a recessed spare tire mount, a hidden winch box with rollers for your fairlead, built in stake pockets, custom d-ring placement for UTV tires, and the ultimate feature: HIDDEN ramps. More photos to be added soon!

C&Gs Service Body

The official Service Body of C&Gs.

With electricians and plumbers in mind, we designed the C&Gs Service Body to tackle the needs of gooseneck and 5th wheel towing while still retaining as much storage capabilities as possible. Some of the features are listed below:

Tool Boxes – 32.44 cu. Ft of storage
– Two 13” D x 16” H x 8’ L
– Two 12” D x 14” H x 30” L
– Two 12” D x 14” H x 18” L
Utilizing Buyers production boxes gives us a high quality product with nation wide dealer support for parts and warranty as well as optional toolbox accessories.

– Built in B&W turn over hitch with 2 5/16” ball (With B&W you can purchase optional drop-in 5th wheel hitch).
– Built in 2 1/2 rear receiver tube with D-Rings.
– Two 7-Way plugs: one in the bumper one in the bed.

Overhead rack: With the removable rear rack, this allows for longer overhead material hauling. Built-in front pockets for storage of rack when utilizing gooseneck hitch or when not in use.

Cargo Control: Four Heavy duty recessed d-rings in floor of bed.

Vise and accessories mounts: 2” Receiver tubes built in to each end of bumper.

Tail Gate: Swing down solid tail gate.

Paint: White or Black.

NEW! C&Gs Hotshot Bodies

Available in complete frame width without a bulkhead and with a lighted bulkhead & 24” front platform.

  • Final stage in-cab certified to satisfy commercial dealers and FMCSA requirements
  • Built-in B&W Turnover Ball allows for gooseneck & 5th wheel towing (utilizing B&W Companion)
  • Rear ICC Bumper with or without receiver hitch

Same day installation guaranteed on Hotshot Bodies*

*Have your cab & chassis in at 8am on scheduled installation day and be on the road by 6pm