Liftgate Load Testing – Certificate of Conformance

C&Gs Load Test – Certification of Conformance

Are the lift gates in your fleet safe?
Safety is the top priority for any business. Let us give you the piece of mind when it comes to your equipment. Our testing not only makes sure that the equipment is up to par, but that the equipment has been installed properly to manufacturer specifications.

Each lift gate load test includes:

Unloaded test—
– Mounted to manufacturer specifications
– Mounted to chassis manufacturer specifications
– Mounted to FMVSS Standards
– Mount points and weld points free of cracks and properly welded
– Mount plates, brackets, gussets, etc. in proper condition
– Hydraulic system in good working condition
– Cables, chains, lift arms in good working condition
– Electrical system in good working order

Loaded test—
– If lift gate passes unloaded test, it completes same rigorous test under 100% capacity

Test results –
– Detailed certificate of conformance and load test report is supplied and 2 load test labels
are affixed to equipment and inside cab of vehicle.

Load test inspection fee of $375 per vehicle; included with purchase of new lift gates at no added charge.